The Total Customer ExperienceSM for Sustained Sales Growth

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Why Triumph Revenue Advisors? The Triumph Revenue Advisors business building delivery system is based on a customer centered and results focused track record from analytically disciplined packaged goods to experiential retail and restaurant chains. Triumph's approach to increasing your revenues will be tailored to your business situation and financial needs. When you know us and our delivery system, you will know how much we value sustained sales growth, the Total Customer Experience (sm), and the link between brand, strategy, and execution. You will also learn about our ability to source high quality executional partners when needed for an impactful execution. Sustained Sales Growth Lasting revenue expansion can deliver short term gains but must always be consistent with long term goals and profits. Investment worthy sales generating marketing programs must be fully integrated to gain traction. Full integration means impacting a company's • Customer proposition. • Financial model. • Staff and operations motivation. Total Customer Experience A strong and vibrant sales building brand attracts customers through the logic of its attributes and the emotion of its personality. Logic + Emotion memorably engage the customer, creating long term sales growth tied to the brand, the company culture, and long term profits. Brand, Strategy, and Execution Even the strongest brand and the most competitive strategy demand an impactful and fully integrated execution to deliver results. Triumph Revenue Advisors will partner with you to create a goals oriented and well communicated executional path with direct access to whatever additional resources might be needed. Our collaborative approach is committed to doing more than providing a strategy, PowerPoint presentation, and invoice. Executional Partners Developed from years of senior level marketing relationships, Triumph's exectutional connections include a full service advertising agency, web site design, social media, and email list management, direct mail and in-store music applications, print production, copy and layout creative, and organizational and human resources guidance -- and more.
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